Cushing – The manufacturing of methamphetamine is a problem infiltrating neighborhoods across the nation and here in Cushing. Like other communities across the nation, Cushing is not immune from the ill effects of methamphetamine abuse.

Given recent methamphetamine lab discoveries in Cushing, which have resulted in arrests, a fire at a local apartment complex, and displacement of innocent families, including children of those arrested, the City has proposed an ordinance to help combat the ever growing problem of methamphetamine use and manufacturing. The proposed ordinance was tabled at the recent City Commission meeting to allow additional public input before the ordinance is considered for adoption.

In part, the proposed ordinance will require the following:

a. Notification of police upon discovery of methamphetamine activity

b. Obtain certification from a qualified contractor that the property is environmentally safe - which may include clean-up activity

c. Until receipt and processing of such certification, occupation of the property is prohibited and water and  electric utilities will not be provided by the City

d. Penalties of up to $500 per day for violation

Quick facts:

  • In 2000, authorities seized more than 940 meth labs in Oklahoma and the numbers have increased each subsequent year.


  • Small amounts of the chemicals used in the processing may contaminate surfaces, drains, sinks, ventilation systems and absorbent materials such as couches, drapes, carpets and beds.


  • People can be exposed by breathing air containing suspended contaminated particles of dust; by touching contaminated surfaces; by eating and drinking from glasses or dishes that have layers of contaminated grime.  Air filters may also have contamination.


  • Health problems may include breathing problems, respiratory irritation, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness.  High exposure, even for a short period of time, can cause death or severe lung damage and skin or throat burns.


  • After state authorities removed the hazardous materials involved in the processing, there are not now any specific requirements requiring the property to be assessed and decontaminated.


  • May 27 2010 - HB 3021 was approved by Gov. Brad Henry.  That bill requires landlords to disclose to a prospective tenant if the rental property was used to aid in or manufacture methamphetamine in the past.  On the books prior to May 2010,  realtors must tell a buyer of a home if the property used to be a meth house in the past.

Citizens who are interested in learning more about the proposed methamphetamine ordinance are encoruaged to click on the link below to read the ordinance.

In addition, citizens who are interested in attending a special study session regarding the proposed ordinance is enocuraged to contact City Hall at 918-225-2394.

Methamphetamine Cleanup Ordinance

Note: Thanks to KUSH Radio Am 1600 for their contribution to this posting.