Tully Folden, Chief of Police


1992 Graduate of the Cushing High School; Chief Tully Folden has been employed with the police department since 1997. Chief Folden began his career as the Animal Welfare Officer, later becoming a police officer in 1998. In 2002, Chief Folden was promoted to the rank of Master Police Officer, later attaining the rank of Sergeant in 2004. Chief Folden was promoted to his current position in November 2009.

During his service to the department, Chief Folden has served as the D.A.R.E. and K-9 officer. Today, Chief Folden serves the department as its N.R.A. Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

Chief Folden holds a degree in Criminal Justice and has an Advanced Law Enforcement Certification from the Council On Law Enforcement Education and Training.
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Police Chief Tully Folden

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In Loving Memory: Officer Brandon Hise

February 4, 1969 - June 9, 2013


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